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Team USA

Four Top 20 Finishes on Day 2 of 2023 Cyclocross Worlds

By: Angelina Palermo  February 04, 2023

Lopez de San Roman, Musgrave, Scott and Honsinger all finished in the top 20 of their respective fields on the second day of Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide.

Today at the 2023 UCI Cyclocross World Championships, the Junior Women, U23 Men, and Elite Women took to the starting line as the clouds opened up, leaving course conditions ready for racing.

Junior Women

The first category of the day, the Junior Women, had a wet and challenging course which would make for perfect conditions for the Americans. All representatives of Team USA finished in the top-20 of the Junior Women’s race. Vida Lopez de San Roman (Sebastopol, Calif.; Bear National Team) stayed in the front group for the first two laps with Canadian sisters, Isabella and Ava Holmgren, charging the pace. Kaya Musgrave (Littleton, Colo.; Bear National Team) stayed consistent and held on to her position in the top 15 with Samantha Scott (Boise, Idaho; CompEdge Racing) finishing 20th.


1. Isabella Holmgren (CAN) 42:13

2. Ava Holmgren (CAN) +0:20

3. Celia Gery (FRA) +0:47

11. Lopez de San Roman (USA) +2:09

15. Musgrave (USA) +2:49

20. Scott (USA) +3:11

U23 Men

Andrew Strohmeyer (Mount Airy, Md.; CXHAIRS Devo Trek Bikes) was the lone rider from Team USA to start the U23 Men’s race. The rain eased up for this race making the course extremely slick in spots. Strohmeyer rode a strong race and would end up finishing in 42ndplace.


1. Thibau Nys (BEL) 50:42

2. Tibor Del Grosso +0:04

3. Witse Meeussen +0:04

42. Strohmeyer (USA) +5:31

Elite Women

The course started drying out for the Elite Women’s race. The Netherlands led the charge from start to finish, sweeping the podium. National Champion Clara Honsinger (Portland, Ore.; EF Education-TIBCO-SVB) and Pan-American Champion Raylyn Nuss (Lawrence, Kan.; Steve Tilford Foundation Racing) had a challenging start and were both off the back on the first lap. The American duo fought their way through the pack picking off riders one by one. Honsinger would end up finishing 16th with Nuss in 21st.


1. Fem van Empel (NED) 54:02

2. Puck Pieterse (NED) +0:39

3. Lucinda Brand (NED) +1:11

16. Honsinger (USA) +4:42

21. Nuss (USA) +5:49

Up Next

Tomorrow, the Junior Men, U23 Women, and Elite Men will close out the 2023 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. This year, the juniors have had incredible races in Europe with top rides from the whole group. The worlds roster includes: David Thompson (New Canaan, Conn.; FinKraft Junior Cycling Team), Andrew August (Pittsford, N.Y.; FinKraft Junior Cycling Team), and Daniel English (San Ramon, Calif.; Bear National Team), Miles Mattern (Rochester, N.Y.; CXHAIRS Devo Trek Bikes), Ben Stokes (Norwalk, Conn.; FinKraft Junior Cycling Team), and Magnus White (Boulder, Colo.; Boulder Junior Cycling). On the U23 women’s side, Lizzy Gunsalus (Dudley, Mass.; Steve Tilford Foundation Racing) and Madigan Munro (Boulder, Colo.; Trek Factory Racing). National Champion Curtis White (Delanson, N.Y.; Steve Tilford Foundation Racing) will start the Elite Men’s race.