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A message from Rob DeMartini, President & CEO of USA Cycling

The ugly reality of continued systemic racism in our country has left us outraged and saddened for friends, family and teammates in the Black community.

USA Cycling’s resources, platform and network must support these cyclists to truly represent the American cycling community.

Cyclists are familiar with the feeling of freedom that a bike gives you. It is important to remind ourselves that fundamental freedoms are not currently granted to all equally, especially those in minority communities.

USA Cycling believes firmly that, as a leader in the American cycling industry, it is our duty to fight for a better future in the sport that we love. This inherently includes creating and supporting infrastructure and opportunities that combat institutional racism, especially concerning the lack of inclusion and access to the sport.

While we have been focused on navigating the effects of COVID-19, this sharp reminder of a social reality has brought into focus the things we can address today. By listening and learning from the very community we aim to support, there is a long list of actions we should, and will, take.

Actively acknowledging this has compelled our organization to have the immediate, difficult, and critical conversations that proceed doing the work. We will be better and this is how we will start.

1. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, formed in January 2020 and consisting of both internal and external members, will publicly share a meaningful and measurable plan to:

a. Elevate the position of the underrepresented in the cycling community.

b. Learn from and partner with the people and organizations who are already creating positive change.

c. Improve representation in our organization, community and communications to reflect everyone who enjoys this sport.

2. We will announce a structured financial commitment specifically addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in cycling, in the coming weeks.

Collective muscle is needed to fight for the underrepresented within the cycling community. The aim of this financial commitment will be to solely address these ingrained issues and set an example of what tangible impact we can make together. We welcome participation around these efforts and will be making a concerted effort to garner financial support from our partners in the industry and community so that we can maximize the reach and impact.

3. We will create opportunities for the entire community to share their stories, personalities and achievements that help build and promote the future of the sport.

We recognize that we cannot change the sport on our own, but can with the concerted effort of all cyclists. We recognize and relish the opportunity we have in amplifying the voices that will help us grow.

4. Our organization will undergo DE&I training and we will make changes to our operations to increase our ability to hire a diverse work force and executive leadership.

Our success in operating effectively requires us to recruit and bring in a diverse workforce, to represent the cycling community we aspire to become.

USA Cycling promises to use its resources, platform and network to support underrepresented communities. We ask all cyclists to hold us accountable to this in the coming weeks, months and years.

If you have ideas, know people we should be talking to, organizations we should be working with or think we can do good somewhere specifically, please send your thoughts to us at help@usacycling.org

Cyclists, stay engaged in this fight and together we will create change.

Listen, become informed, voice your support, and embrace opportunities to actively support equality.

I am asking and challenging our industry and all cyclists to take this ride together.


Rob DeMartini