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By: USA Cycling  March 27, 2020

There’s a lot of great information online today to keep riders abreast of the latest news, advice, and training tips to get us all through the COVID-19 crises. While we’re also working to create great content for you, we’re not going to reinvent the wheel; instead, we’ll share articles as we find them to give you a one-stop shop for information to keep you rolling even if you’re trapped inside.

Rolling News Updates


With the impact of coronavirus on pro cycling rapidly escalating, this will be your go-to guide for all the most important updates on the situation.


March 27, 2020

Virtual cyling program available to riders

The CT Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP), a three-time USA Cycling Center of Excellence program, has launched a youth/teen virtual rides program throughout the state.

The program, initiated by CCAP Executive Director Jed Kornbluh through Zwift and YouTube, is designed to keep young riders motivated and active during the weeks of imposed confinement due to coronavirus, according to a statement.

Read more at the New Haven Register.

Is that a dinosaur? Inside Boulder Junior Cycling’s Strava art challenge

After just one week of spring practice, Colorado’s Boulder Junior Cycling (BJC) program was faced with the mounting coronavirus pandemic. Schools across Colorado were emptied, the major races were canceled, and the 2020 racing season was called off. The dozens of teenagers in the program were left with few goals to strive for, which meant coaches had to get creative.

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How to look after your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak

We’re sharing some simple tips from the mental health experts at Beyond Blue to help you cope with any anxiety, distress or concern related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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March 26, 2020

Life in lockdown: A pro cyclist’s perspective on the coronavirus pandemic

Sitting here in seat 20G, on a nearly empty flight from Barcelona to San Francisco, I feel as though I am stuck inside a nightmare that I so badly want to wake up from. To be honest the past few weeks have felt that way. Life lived in a haze, with the phrase “is this really happening” always on the tip of my tongue as we cycle through a chain of events that feel increasingly more dire, abnormal, and more like a very very bad dream. How did we get here?

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March 25, 2020

How You Can Support Bike Shops, Event Organizers, and Cycling Non-Profits

A slew of spring rides, races, and tour vacations have been canceled or postponed indefinitely; non-profits have been forced to scuttle services and fundraisers; indoor cycling studios have laid off most of their staffs or cut pay. While cycling has surged in popularity and bike shops have been declared essential services in several regions with lockdown orders (San Francisco and New York City, for example), many of those shops are also struggling to provide service with reduced staff and capacity while ensuring proper hygiene and safety protocols.

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The Rules for Going Outdoors During Coronavirus

All of us want to get outdoors right now. With the advice of a public health and infectious disease expert, here’s how you can do so safely and responsibly.

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March 24, 2020

Pro golfers push each other on Peloton during coronavirus pandemic

With professional golf events around the world being postponed and canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Official World Golf Ranking announced Friday that current rankings will be frozen. Rory McIlroy is locked into the No. 1 position. Now, in a new competition that is playing out on social media and stationary bikes around the world, McIlroy also appears to be the man to beat.

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Do you really need indoor cycling clothing to ride indoors?

Technology has made indoor training deeply more popular that it was a decade ago.

Amazing virtual cycling worlds by the likes of Zwift, paired with a new technology continually improving the best turbo trainers, have won over even the most ardent critics.

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7 Bits of Good News as the Cycling Industry Rallies Against the Spread of Coronavirus

Performance clothing manufacturer Santanti announced this week that with the falling sales of its clothing range due to the virus it was planning to instead shift its production lines towards masks with the aim to produce 10,000 a day. The masks once produced will be given to those fighting against the spread of COVID-19.


Day in the life: Katie Hall

Pre-pandemic, Katie Hall’s spring plan was to race in Italy in March, fly home to California after Trofeo Alfredo Binda and spend about a month there before returning to Europe for April’s Ardennes classics. When the Strade Bianche was cancelled in early March, she booked an earlier flight. Although the Boels-Dolmans (SD Worx) rider knew that life would be different when she touched down in the US, she was nevertheless excited to jump into the beloved routine that being home had always signified for her: spending time with her husband and riding bikes with her cycling community.

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March 23, 2020

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

Some of the HBR edit staff met virtually the other day — a screen full of faces in a scene becoming more common everywhere. We talked about the content we’re commissioning in this harrowing time of a pandemic and how we can help people. But we also talked about how we were feeling. One colleague mentioned that what she felt was grief. Heads nodded in all the panes.

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Mountain Bike Safety and COVID-19

The safest possible choice is to enjoy fresh air and sunshine in your own neighborhood. Depending on where you live, this may mean foregoing time on trails in order to protect communities. Check with your state and local governments for information about stay-at-home orders and facility closures. Refer to the CDC for best practices on preventing the spread of COVID-19.


They don't call it Novel for nothing...

The course is heinous with mountains, headwinds, wrong turns, dangerous roads and midnight crack heads assailing out of the bushes. You ride day and night as fast as you can, and if you've never done the route before you never really know if the hill in front of you is going to be a mountain; especially at 2am when you are already 'seeing' Aztec Temples and mailboxes that move like Gumby doing the Robot. Our inclination when encountering a hill is to hit it hard, get it over with, and inflict more damage to those chasing. While our approach to a mountain is to be steadfast, earnest and true to the sustained effort that lies on the other side of the crest. In this race, for me, each climb, whether short or long, was Novel; they were new to me.

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Cycling industry pivots to COVID-19 protective equipment production

One year ago, the team at Kitsbow, a high end cycling apparel company from Sonoma County, California, decided to relocate the brand and all its operations to a place with a lower cost workforce. They selected Appalachia and landed in Old Fort, North Carolina.

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March 21, 2020

The Best Homemade Snacks According to the Pros

Whether you’re working, playing, or training outside, hunger pangs are public enemy number one. Devising the kind of snacking strategy that can keep them at bay is important for optimal performance. While there’s an entire market dedicated to packaged options (some of which we love), much of it is overpriced, flavorless, and not particularly nutritious. Rather than reach for something wrapped in plastic, try one of these homemade alternatives, field-tested by athletes and endurance experts.

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Youth organizations are the future of the cycling community. Across America, many wonderful people have harnessed their passion for cycling and made it their mission to spread the joy of our sport to the next generation. By volunteering time and resources, they strive to get more kids on bikes nationwide.

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March 20, 2020

Bike Shops Declare Themselves Essential Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow across the U.S., various cities, counties, and states have begun implementing shutdowns in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

These shutdowns include mandatory closures of almost all businesses, apart from those deemed essential like grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and more.

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Most Zwifting parents would love nothing more than to see their kids on Zwift and even join them for a ride or run around Watopia. Zwift has long been free for kids under 13, and that limit was raised to 16 over a year ago. Big kudos to Zwift for making this move to encourage more riding from youngsters!

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Is it possible to read anything these days without the word corona in it? It feels strange how we try to keep some sense of normalcy while adhering to the stricter and stricter rules. The area around Bergamo where 3T is based was unfortunately one of the first to be hit outside of China.

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Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), an order to “shelter in place” is likely coming to your area, if it hasn’t already.

On Thursday, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom made such a shelter-in-place order for the entire state. That’s 40 million people ordered to stay home. Inevitably, citizens are confused as to what is prohibited and what’s allowed. While each county and state may have different specific restrictions, here is what we’ve learned.

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Bike Shop Business Booming As COVID-19 Takes New Yorkers Off Mass Transit

At Bicycle Renaissance on the Upper West Side, all bikes with flat handle bars are sold out, and the 22 bikes on order have holds on them already. At Bicycle Habitat in Chelsea, one of the employees is now a de facto bouncer, doing crowd control to ensure there are no more than two people in the store at once.

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Can you ride your bike in counties with shelter-in-place orders?

After shelter-in-place orders went into effect at midnight in six Bay Area counties, many people are now trying to sort out what they can and can't do.

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties are asking residents to stay home except for essential needs, such as to get food or go to the doctor. Stepping outside for fresh air or to get some exercise on a walk or run is also allowed as long as it's not done in a group, and you stay at least six feet apart from others.

Read more at the New Haven Register

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: Santini to start making face masks instead of cycling clothing

Italian cycling clothing manufacturer Santini have announced that they are pivoting to manufacturing face masks in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The company, which currently supplies clothing to Boels Dolmans, Trek-Segafredo and the UCI World Championships, is hoping to begin production on Monday, March 23.

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Eating in isolation- nutrition advice from Judith Haudum

In times of uncertainty, it is hard to maintain motivation and structure. COVID-19 has presented the world with some very challenging circumstances and has led to the cancellation of many events across the globe. Several countries, and many of our members, are facing lock down and isolation as they adhere to government sanctioning to maintain and protect public health.

Cyclist's Alliance partner, Judith Haudum, is an experienced sports nutritionist, and she has offered her tips to help our members maintain structure, health and fitness during these difficult and trying times.

Read more at Cyclist Alliance

Go Paint Us A Picture!

As you all know by now, COVID19 has wrought destruction on the early portion of the cycling season. We all know that fresh air and exercise are a good, no, a great thing, unfortunately a mass start event will only serve to spread this dreaded death spore. So what can we do? We at STAGE 1 Cycling have harnessed our collective brain power (and when added together that might be enough to toast bread -- lightly) and this is what we came up with...

Read more (and sign up!) at

USA Cycling updates Olympic qualification, coordinating with UCI

USA Cycling has announced that due to the COVID-19 situation, a freeze on points accumulation and results retroactive to March 3, 2020, will be implemented. USAC indicated that it will incorporate this change in date to the Olympic selection criteria.

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PYSO, ep. 44: Coronavirus and grassroots racing

Rescheduling races won’t be easy, UCI official warns

A logjam of racing at the end of 2020?

With the European road racing on hold until at least May due to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s looking like a best-case scenario as desperate and perhaps overly optimistic race organizers scramble to find new dates for their events.

Read more at VeloNews

March 18, 2020


RGT Cycling, the new innovative virtual cycling platform, has today announced that it is making all of its Premium features available for free to all indoor cyclists, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workouts, organizing your own events and creating your own roads are now freely available for all (usually £12.99 / $14.99 per month), allowing all riders the opportunity to benefit from RGT Cycling’s global indoor cycling simulator, stay active, ride with others and explore iconic cycling roads during these unprecedented and challenging times.

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National Park Service Waived Entrance Fees

The National Park Service (NPS) announced Wednesday that it will temporarily suspend the collection of entrance fees at all parks that remain open. “This small step makes it a little easier for the American public to enjoy the outdoors in our incredible national parks,” said Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt in a news release. Despite waiving fees, many individual parks have begun to significantly scale down operations, including closing visitor centers and group campgrounds.

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The best smart bikes for Zwift — a head-to-head group test

Zwift did not create indoor training or the concept of training software, but it has fueled a rapid expansion of the interactive hardware available to riders to make indoor riding more fun. Smart bikes are the latest category of interactive training tools. They combine the measured and dynamic resistance of smart trainers with the convenience of a dedicated indoor bike.

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Rally launches 'Healthy Habits Challenge' weekly video series

As the globe struggles with the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and people practice social distancing and self-quarantine, US Pro Continental team Rally Cycling has been looking for ways to encourage people to lead healthier and happier lives from the comfort of their homes.


How to Find Credible Information in a Pandemic

In an outbreak where information changes every day, false facts can spread fast.

I’m a journalist who’s covered health and related topics for more than a decade. I used to work at medical journals. It’s challenging even for me to find trusted sources in this fast-changing situation—and I know I’m not alone.

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5 Ways to Keep the Spirit of Adventure Going

So, you’ve found yourself stuck at home. Luckily, social distancing doesn’t have to mean foregoing time in nature. With gyms and other public indoor spaces closed, the outdoors is one of the safer places to escape the house and stay sane, as long as you follow social distancing guidelines. And if you’re experiencing corona anxiety, according to mental health experts, getting out in nature can actually be a way to combat the stress of living through a pandemic.


Is it safe to hike, run and bike outside now?

Is it safe to walk, run, hike and bike outside? Is it recommended?

Yes, say L.A. County Public Health officials. In fact, “take a walk” and “go for a hike” are at the top of the L.A. County Public Health Department’s “safe-to-do” list as the region’s fight against the coronavirus continues.

Read more at the LA Times

A Cyclist’s Guide to Self-Care In These Stressful Times

Depending upon your circumstances and where you live, you may still be able to get out for a safe, solo ride or social distance spin with a close friend. Or maybe you’re a single parent at home with three wall-climbing kids and your only outlet, when you can get it, is a quick trainer spin or core workout. No matter who you are, your new normal is anything but.

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Bicycle Garage Indy (BGI)

The mission of Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness includes the promotion of healthy lifestyles through bicycling and exercise. We believe that by taking active measures to protect the health and well-being of staff and customers, that mission can continue during these extraordinary times.


COVID-19 Q&A for the Cycling Community with Dr. Michael Roshon

March 17, 2020

Is It Coronavirus, Flu, or Allergies? Here’s How the Symptoms Differ, Per a Doctor

Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, body aches, chills—obviously, you know you’re under the weather when symptoms like these appear, but how can you tell which storm it is?


Now Is the Perfect Time to Lower the Parenting Bar

I’ve worked from home since 2009 when the economy collapsed and my kids were only 3 and 5. Let’s just say this is the kind of déjà vu I do not enjoy. But now is the perfect moment to pause and send up a prayer of gratitude to your God, your Antichrist, or at the very least your boss, to be thankful you have the option to earn money while inside your house. For those of us who find ourselves in this fortunate (and yet still potentially hellish) position, this is what I can tell you: I know panic, I know what it’s like to try to figure out your universe from scratch, and here’s another thing I know — you can do this. You just aren’t going to do it well. But that’s okay, none of us are.

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11 things you only know if you race on Zwift

I was late to join the indoor cycling revolution.

But after slogging my way through puddled lanes in October and icy roundabouts in January, all the while telling myself I was ‘dedicated’, I joined the 21st century.

So I cleared space in my cupboard-like bedroom in my shared house, open the windows as wide as they would go, and started to pedal on a pretty basic smart trainer set up.


Cycling During Coronavirus: Habits Cyclists Should Avoid – NOW!

Coronavirus is slowly but surely spreading to most countries around the world. There’s no reason to panic, but we need to address some important things and learn how to act in order to protect ourselves and others.

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How to hold a group ride on Zwift

But even when facing a crisis, exercise and socialising are an essential part of day-to-day life, so how can you keep the legs moving and stay in contact with friends during a lockdown?

Thankfully we can all now share our rides in the virtual training world Zwift, an online platform that lets you ride, train, race and chat from the comfort of your own home.


March 16, 2020