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National Championships

How to Follow the 2023 USA Cycling Gravel National Championships

By: Katherine Santos  September 08, 2023

Don't forget to follow along on Facebook and Instagram via @USACycling.

The 2023 USA Cycling Gravel National Championships will take place in Gering, Nebraska, on September 9th.

You can follow along by visiting the link below.

There will be five checkpoints on the 131-mile course. Timing point 1 is just after the 52-mile split, so only 88 and 131 riders will pass. Timing point 2 is located just after the 88-mile split, so only 131-mile riders will pass. Timing point 3 will be at the red gate in the Wildcat Hills recreation area and will have 52, 88, and 131 riders pass through. Timing point 4 is located at the top of the final climb at Roubidoux Pass, and only 131-mile riders will pass through here. The final timing point will be on Cemetery Rd, about 1.6 miles from the finish. All racers will pass through this timing point.

Timing Points

  • Timing Point 1 Mile 21.9

  • Timing Point 2 Mile 33.5

  • Timing Point 3 Mile 98.2

  • Timing Point 4 Mile 115.4

  • Timing Point 5 1.6 miles from the Finish

Saturday, September 9th

Men's Elite Open

Start Time: 6:30am MT

Women's Elite Open

Start Time: 6:45am MT

Non-Binary, Men and Women Singlespeed, 131 Adventure Ride, 19-34, 35-39, 40- 44, 45-49, Para BVI, Para C4, and Para C5

Start Time: 7:00am MT

Men and Women 15-16, 65-69, 70-74, 75+, 52 Adventure Ride, Para C1, Para C2, Para C3, Para H4, and Para H5

Start Time: 7:30am MT

Men and Women 17-18, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 88 Adventure Ride

Start Time: 8:00am MT

Men and Women 11-12, 13-14, Para H1, Para H2, Para H3, and 24 Adventure Ride

Start Time: 8:30am MT

A full list of the final results can be found via the button below.

View Final Results


This year we will be utilizing the TraQCentral system to manage support requests and enhance the rider experience. TraQCentral was chosen so we can provide our riders with efficient, well-communicated, accurate, and rapid responses to support requests. The TraQCentral mobile app is our primary and preferred method for requesting support.

TraQCentral also includes the ability to share your ride with friends & family. It sends your chosen contacts a personal link where they can watch your progress. Riders can share photos along the way, and friends & family can send the rider personal “Shout-Outs” (messages). Your friends and family can search and find you by going to