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Get to know K.R.T Cycling Team

By: Cecilia Patten  December 04, 2020

K.R.T Cycling was founded in 2019 by 4 eager riders from North West Philadelphia, PA. Now they are 80 + riders and counting. Their mission is to promote a fun healthy lifestyle while fully committed to bringing diversity to the sport of cycling. Being a member of “Kings Rule Together and Queens Rule Together Cycling Club” means that you are a part of a brotherhood and sisterhood that promotes unity and collectivism.

We had the opportunity to speak with Curran Swint (Founder /CEO) and Henry (Hank) Wallace (Co-Founder/ CFO ) about the history of the team, what it means to be a part of their community, and what the future holds for the K.R.T Cycling Team.


What brought the original founders to create the team? Will you please tell me about K.R.T’s story?

[Curran Swint] In 2017, myself Curran Swint (Founder /CEO) began cycling. Cycling with 3 of my friends Ryan (Co-founder), Hazan & Regg, as a form of exercising. I didn’t have a bike at the time, so I borrowed my brother’s mountain bike. I had such an enjoyable experience. This quickly ignited the passion to do more which in 2 weeks’ time I upgraded to my first road bike. In the Summer of 2019, myself along with eight other riders, raised money to attend the “Annual The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour” which started in Philadelphia, PA and ended in Atlantic City, New Jersey cycling a total of 65miles. At the time, this was our longest ride and we all had to practice and best prepare for it. We decided to show up in style and got our first official cycling kits.

Shortly after Henry (Hank) Wallace (Co- Founder/ CFO ) and I reconnected from 2013. Since the fall of 2019 Hank and I have been growing K.R.T. cycling to what you see today.

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How did you guys discover your passion for cycling?

[Curran] When we started cycling it brought everybody together as one. It challenged us in different ways to push ourselves past our own limits. We were all very intrigued by the opportunities and the learning aspects of the sport, as well as re-exploring our hometown in ways we might not have done so since our adolescent years. Now, as adults the thrill, fellowship and the health and wellness benefits have been unmatched. In an urban environment we get to serve as the picture of health and fellowship to all of our onlookers.

What were the original goals of K.R.T Cycling Team? Have they changed over the first year?

[Hank Wallace] We have stayed consistent with our main goals from day one, which was simply to ride our bikes. Everything else has been a bonus, which we all are happy to have the opportunities to experience. Our love for cycling and commitment to sustain what we had started began to magnify our exposure and piqued the interest of many which lead to more people wanting to join in on the fun with our club, which prompted us to aim for new club-centered goals. We started with primarily black men, and now we have a very diverse group of men and women from different backgrounds and cultures, who come together for just the love and/or the curiosity of cycling.


- Catering to all cycling levels
- Providing road safety 101 trainings
- Advance level training for Road, Track, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Duathlon and

- In-house high-quality cycling apparel that’s more affordable than top cycling brands and

incorporates all sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.
- Community engagement to Urban Youth
- Health and Wellness Education (focusing on benefits of cycling)


Photo Courtesy of oematters

What does it mean to be a member of K.R.T and Q.R.T?

[Curran] Being a member of “Kings Rule Together and Queens Rule Together Cycling Club” means that you are a part of a brotherhood and sisterhood that promotes unity and collectivism. We are committed to uplifting one another and those in the communities in which we ride in and serve. In addition to our presence and service we make a conscious effort to think the part, dress the part and act the part. We hold one another accountable to high standards and are committed to continued personal growth and development.

K.R.T = Kings Rule Together Q.R.T = Queen Rule Together

Where did Strength in numbers” come from? What is the significance of this mantra for the team?

“Strength In Numbers”

[Hank] KRT and QRT take a collective approach to all that we do. We believe the progression of our group and our community is a shared responsibility and try to display this approach in all that we do. As the African proverb states, “ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Your team kits/merch is awesome! Is there a story behind the design?

[Curran] Thank you, and the base came from 2011 when I first started kings Rule together as a lifestyle brand and blog. Moving forward now we cater to a different market while still staying true to our roots. We want to offer high level cycling apparel and cater to all shapes and sizes. Our colors are red, black & white so we mainly like to keep it that for our members but eventually we will have all types of colors and designs.


What does the future hold for K.R.T Cycling Team? On your website I see that you have 6 divisions of the brand, do you hope to expand beyond these 6?

[Hank] Yes, we have officially added Q.R.T cycling to the Team to make it 7 current divisions. For this upcoming season we have a complete collection of cycling apparel that will be coming out starting January 2021. The year 2021 will be our first year having an official race team for K.R.T with two Q.R.T members entering into the triathlon circuit.

What is your vision for the future of cycling?

[Hank] Our vision for the future of our cycling organization is to grow the largest recreational cycling team combined with a racing team. An organization where your beginner rider, recreational rider and advance pro rider can all flourish under the same umbrella. We would also like to have a flagship clubhouse.

What advice would you give to a new cyclist? For any new cyclists

[Hank] “just have fun” enjoy your bike and allow riding to be therapeutic to your life. Let the cycling enhance your overall quality of life.”

What do you want the cycling community to know about K.R.T Cycling Team?

[Curran] KRT Cycling Team is passionate about bringing diversity to the sport of cycling! We are “not your average cycling team” we are fully devoted to catering to all levels and all fitness goals while being advocates for the community.

To learn more about K.R.T Cycling Team head to their website at Their membership and online store can be found here as well.