Wolfpack Clinic Divas Makings of a Strong Club

The Makings of a Successful Cycling Club

By: Parker Ohlmann  April 26, 2023

Here are the top 7 components in a strong cycling club.

What building blocks do the best of the best cycling clubs have for the rest of the community to strive towards? Below are seven components that we believe will help make your program stronger.

  1. Strong mission and vision statements - why does your club exist?

    • A club's mission should define the fundamental purpose or essence of the organization, and why does your club exist. This statement should help guide decision-making and setting priorities for how the club should spend its resources.

  2. Effective Board - strong and engaged leadership

    • Running a successful and effective club requires strong and engaged leadership, be mindful in who you want to lead and conduct the club.

  3. Collaborative Partnerships - engaged partners

    • This is not limited to partners and sponsors, instead, this about developing collaborative relationships and partnerships with the community; coaches, event staff, officials, parents, and members.

  4. Member Support - engaged members

    • Members are the foundation of any organization. Ask for feedback from your members, by understanding their needs you can provide them with more fulfilling opportunities.

  5. Risk Management - a strong foundation of inherent risks that comes with cycling and running a club

    • If you are incorporated as a nonprofit, it means establishing, maintaining, and updating club bylaws. It also means making sure your club has adequate insurance. Does your club have directors and officers liability insurance?

  6. Solid Financial Plan - a solid foundation of what the bottom line is to effectively run your club or program

    • This is not simply a budget for paying the bills in the here and now, but also making sure the club has a solid financial plan for the future. Having a strong financial plan in place will ensure a club's longevity.

  7. Teamwork - teamwork makes the dreamwork

    • The six components laid out above require teamwork to be successful, which involves doing what's best for the club.

In addition to the makings of a strong club, below you will find the best practices of what we are looking for in USA Cycling Registered Clubs. If done right these practices will roll up into a separate component of a strong cycling club.

Best Practices of USA Cycling Registered Clubs

  • Follow the mission set forth by USA Cycling

  • Operate like a small business

  • Maintain a safe environment for all members, strive to work towards Safe Sport Level Gold

  • Offer programs and events for cycling development at all levels

  • Foster healthy relationships

  • Foster club membership development, retention and education