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Member Spotlight: Wesley Stocker

By: Cecilia Patten  August 27, 2020

Wesley Stocker is a late 30's Global Engineering Manager, Husband, and Father to two sons: Wesley [8] and Cameron [5]. He rides outdoors with Lucky 13 Cycling of Milford, MI, and regularly indoors with the DIRT [Dad's Indoors Riding Trainers] Zwift Team. Wesley has been a participant of the USA Cycling Virtual Race League from the very beginning.

After winning the first 10-week series, we had the opportunity to ask Wesley about why he joined the virtual race league and about his journey as a cyclist.

Why did you join the USA Cycling Virtual race league?

I joined because I am an avid Zwift Racer. I have made the Wednesday morning race a part of my week in the Autumn-Spring for the last few years. I started as a D Category Rider for a couple seasons, and am now a C Category Rider. I was really happy to hear about a chance for real-world prizes for participation in these eSports events again (the first couple seasons in this timeslot had prizes as well, but I didn't win). I livestream these races weekly [Example Race] to share my small victories or big defeats with my family when they wake up, and in case I can help anyone else learn how to Zwift Race. I loved the motivation to get up early and start my day with competition and adrenaline, and get a good workout in to balance the week.

What were you looking forward to in 2020 before COVID-19?

I was looking forward to trying some real racing - participating in a Spring Training Series locally (either in Ann Arbor, MI or Clarkston, MI) before the current COVID-19 situation hit. Hopefully my license will extend around into that period of next year to try some Novice / Cat 5 racing. Until then, I am riding and racing indoors as well as participating in a series of Time Trial Events put on locally with staggered starts where the recent image below came from.

Why did you start riding your bike?

Wesley Stocker's Summary

I started cycling for fitness to be healthier for my two boys, dropping from 314 pounds in 2014 to 205~210 currently (work from home snacking is hurting this a little bit). I don't have any good before photos, but the graph shows where I started, what I got down to in my first season of riding with purpose including some commuting to my work until I was hit by a car on the way home. After months of recovery and Physical Therapy, I put much of the weight back on but knew how to lose it again, so I went back to the bike as soon as possible, losing more the next year.

I hadn't found indoor cycling in a way that worked for me, but being able-bodied I managed to keep much more off for the next winter, and in 2018 I lost 3 family members which set me back a little each time. Indoor Cycling helps me make cycling a part of my weekly routine all year round, and I love participating in Group Rides for support and learning possibilities. This spring, I started experimenting with Gravel Riding and earned my first Strava KOM with more than 5 people attempting it (to lose it later that weekend, and then take it back with purpose a few weeks later), I don't have the budget for another bike, so I'm hoping that by doing some racing I can earn things to make this a lesser impact to my family while still being a positive driver for me, and a role model for my sons.