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USA Cycling Champions the Programs, Participation, And Performances Essential to Cycling In America With New Board Members

By: Bouker Pool  December 08, 2020

Lucia Deng, Ed Ewing, Reggie Miller and Brendan Quirk join USA Cycling Board of Directors.

USA Cycling announced on Tuesday the approval, by vote, of new organizational bylaws and Board of Director members.

In an overwhelming vote of confidence and after working in close alignment, the USA Cycling Board of Directors has given a full endorsement to the next 100 years of championing American cycling at every level, by welcoming four new board members and rallying around a new mission to champion every aspect of cycling, elevating USA Cycling’s impact beyond the sport.

USA Cycling has added the following individuals to the Board of Directors:

Lucia Deng - A corporate transactional attorney specializing in healthcare technology. She has served on the Board of Directors of Century Road Club Association (CRCA), one of USA Cycling's largest clubs, for several years, and most recently as its President. She served as Women's Rep and NYC Rep & Upgrade Coordinator for the New York State Bicycle Racing Association (NYSBRA) for many years. Prior to her life as a bike racer, Lucia was an active member and ride leader for New York Cycle Club (NYCC), one of the country's largest recreational cycling clubs. The thing that keeps her coming back to bike racing year after year is the community.

Ed Ewing - 31 years of marketing, sales, project development, strategic planning, and nonprofit leadership experience. In 2007, he co-founded and directed the Major Taylor Project, a youth development cycling initiative focused on creating access and opportunities for Black and brown youth in diverse and underserved communities. He is an active and inspiring community member in many realms with a wealth of experience developing and implementing racial equity-focused programs with community-minded solutions. Ewing has served on Bike Works’ Racial Equity Taskforce for the past few years.

Reggie Miller - One of the best all-around shooters in NBA history. A five-time NBA All-Star and 1994 FIBA champion, Miller scored over 25,000 points and is ranked second with 2,560 three-pointers in his career. Miller won an Olympic Gold medal while playing for the 1996 U.S. team. In 2012, Miller was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, joining the all-time legends in Springfield, Mass. Since retiring from the NBA, Miller has turned to competitive mountain biking. He focuses on cross country and endurance racing, but he says he still does road rides for much of his training.

Brendan Quirk - The CEO of Bentonville-based bicycle brand Allied Cycle Works. The ALLIED Mission is to make the finest bicycles on Earth. They build them in the United States from the ground up: from design to engineering to manufacturing. Quirk is an industry veteran who cofounded Competitive Cyclist in Arkansas and later served as an executive vice president at, North American president of Rapha, and the cycling program director for Runway Group, tasked with bringing cycling brands to Northwest Arkansas and making the area a magnet for bike tourism.

“Cycling has been such an important part of my life and I want to work with people and organizations getting more kids on bikes, bringing more people to events, and building the most successful platform for competitive athletes,” said Brendan Quirk. “USA Cycling has a tremendous history of building the sport and celebrating world-class athletes, I am thrilled to join the Board to contribute to the future success of the organization and its athletes.”

The USA Cycling Board of Directors voted on new bylaws and Board structure in a December 1st vote, with the approval of the new Board members coming at the December 8th Board meeting.

“The success of this process and new structure would not have been possible without the excellent work and collaboration of our outgoing Board Members,” said Bob Stapleton, Chairman of USA Cycling Board of Directors. “We are forever in the debt to these members and their impact on the sport of cycling. Their contributions to USA Cycling and the sport have made it possible for USA Cycling to celebrate its first 100 years and welcome four new distinguished individuals to our Board to kickstart the next 100 years.”

Along with the new additions, the restructuring gives the Board a focus on athlete input directly to the group with athlete representation accounting for four of the twelve voting seats.

“USA Cycling has taken great measures to put the athlete first,” said Alison Tetrick, the Road Athlete Director. “With the new structure, athlete input directly to the Board becomes stronger and is exciting for the future of the organization.”

USA Cycling exits 2020 with the unwavering focus ahead to champion the programs, participation and performances that will build on the growth and passion for riding a bike that came to the forefront and was a bright spot for so many in the last year.

“We are honored to have Lucia, Ed, Reggie and Brendan join the USA Cycling Board to guide us in championing the sport of cycling and building an organization for the future.” said Rob DeMartini, CEO of USA Cycling. “Lucia, Ed, Reggie and Brendan all bring unique perspectives, experience and passion for cycling, and we welcome their input and guidance in championing American cycling at every level.”

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