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New York Junior Cycling awarded USA Cycling DEI Micro-Grant

By: Katherine Santos  September 27, 2021

NYJC is paving the way for young athletes to succeed in cycling.

September 27, 2021 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) – "USA Cycling is proud to award New York Junior Cycling with a DEI Micro-Grant", said Kelsey Erickson, Executive Director of Athlete Health and Wellness at USA Cycling. "These grants are designed to amplify and extend the reach and impact of existing programs having a positive impact in the cycling community, and NYJC embodies all of that. We are honored to be able to play a small role in helping them extend their influence".

NYJC is a New York Metro organization that teaches juniors how to be committed to a goal they love. They provide the ability for juniors from diverse backgrounds to participate in a "learn to ride" introduction through the highest levels of competition.

"We spend so much time inwardly focused on the juniors that we do not fundraise in a meaningful way. We have a few proactive sponsors who are committed to helping which has allowed us to spend thousands of hours figuring out how to optimize access, high opportunity and a safe environment. USAC has always helped us. They are part of our CORE. The grant will give us the ability to bring in more riders at earlier levels. We have juniors who have been waiting to join – so this grant means a lot to us. We will see more juniors learning how to compete on the bike and we will get more juniors confidently to the start line." said Doug Toback, co-founder of NYJC.

NYJC plans on using the grant towards track equipment. "We start the kids on the track – which teaches all the fundamental skills in a controlled environment. They ‘graduate’ to the road and become all-around knowledgeable race-level cyclists." said Jon Figliuolo, co-founder of the organization. USA Cycling is proud to offer this grant to an organization that focuses on the development of young riders.

To learn more about New York Junior Cycling visit their website (www.nyjrcycling.org) or follow them on Instagram (@BrandsCuevas).

USA Cycling’s DEI Micro-Grant Program was launched with a view to empower groups, organizations, and programs that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in the American cycling community. Learn more about the program here. Donate to the DEI Fund here.

Visit USACycling.org for more information on the athletes, events, and membership programs, and follow @USACycling across all channels for the latest on Team USA.

Photo By: Diana Toback