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Technical Director Update

Tech Director Update - Mar. 20, 2020

By: Randy Shafer  March 20, 2020

Updates / Renewals / Rule Books / New Rules Webinar

Updated: 3/25/20

Updates-Race rescheduling/cancellations: As all of you know, USA Cycling has taken the previously unprecedented step of cancelling events between March 16th and now updated to May 3rd. Please go to the USA Cycling website to get the latest information. We are working hard to assist our event organizers by continuing to assist coordination of dates and working with those that find that it’s best for them to cancel thier events, looking to next year. As you know, things can change rapidly, and we all hope for the best of effects from this period of society isolation and cancelled racing. As officials, this is a really important reminder that we can’t work and enjoy our side of the sport without events. Many of you could regretfully have your national assignments canceled. I personally apologize as I know these are meaningful milestones in your career. Next year.

These cancellations have serious implications for USA Cycling. We have to look at our operations and programs and make sure we make good business decisions that serve our entire membership. Please be patient as we make those adjustments as we need. We will be transparent and let you know when things have to change.

Renewals-Known problems: As much as it pains me, we continue to have serious IT problems with our technical renewals (officials, support, coaches, mechanics). We are slowly getting to a point that the system will work and thank you for your patience and assistance in helping us find every possible problem!

  • First-you’re probably complete and in good shape. If you completed the Safesport, CBC and MVR because you drive, moto ref or support personnel, you’re set. If you see problems with your account, please contact us and let us know what the problem is:
  • Moto Refs lost MR Status: Many of our moto refs inexplicably lost their status when renewing. Simply contact us to tell us what your category was so we can validate it and update your account.
  • Moto Ref was available to me, so I signed up: Unless you have taken a moto ref class, you are not eligible. Ignore this and don’t select it. If you decided to get it and you paid for an MVR, it does not create the validation.
  • I followed links and got my CBC, but now I can’t obtain my MVR (or vice-versa): Please contact us so we can create a valid link for your second check. We’ve had problems with the company who does Background and MVR checks creating a block. We may send you to our secondary vendor instead.
  • My officiating category is incorrect or missing: Please contact us and simply let us know what your officiating level is, wherever it is missing.
  • Safesport is not working from links: Please log directly into Your account with Safesport is unique and independent from our database systems. It can take up to 48 hours for information to be submitted Friday afternoon and be received where we can act on it. Don’t leave it until the weekend.

We hope to have all of this ironed out and completely supported for 2021.

Rule Book distribution: We have printed a rule book for years and years. The cost of the rule book publication and distribution is not an insignificant sum. We stopped distributing a rule book, except on request, to our general membership. We now publish the regulations on our web site and have done so for a number of years. I have had conversations recently where officials have complained that if they can’t find the regulations, how can riders? I’m happy to say that you can use the Search tool, use the “Resource” tab at the top of the page (this takes you to a phenomenal page full of information), use your Officials Links or mobile app. or scroll to the bottom dark blue band of every page on the web site and look for “Rules and Policies”.

The UCI has not issued a printed rule book for nearly 10 years. USA Cycling has limited our distribution to Officials only for many years. Download the Rule Book onto your mobile devices for easy reference. Riders can access this from their mobile accounts quite easily. Please take a moment to log in to your My Account/Official Links, and take our survey regarding whether or not you need a printed copy of the 2020 USA Cycling Rule Book. This will help us create savings in printing and distribution costs that can be used more meaningfully.

New Rules Webinar: Please set aside time, to attend a Zoom Webinar on the 2020 New Rules Update. I’ll be covering the latest changes that have the biggest impacts in the filed as well as our new Guidelines for Free Laps in Criteriums. I hope you can set aside an hour for the presentation and if you are among those displaced at this time, I hope it will be a good use of time and bring some connection during this time. The webinar will be March 27th, 12 p.m., MDT (11 a.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. CDT, 2 p.m. EDT). This will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience if you choose. Please look into downloading Zoom so you are ready to use it or log in and connect the day of. Here’s your invite. . I look forward to sharing new information with you.

Best wishes and looking forward to resuming our lives and the things we love in the very near future.

Randy Shafer, Technical Director