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Top 5 Best Bike Tools To Have On Any Ride

By: Danica Artzberger  April 10, 2020

The ride is always an adventure, especially when things don’t go as planned.

From flat tires to broken chains, it’s best to be prepared. If you want to save yourself the walk of shame as you wheel your bike back to your car, bring these five bike tools on your ride.

1. Tube

Always carry a tube in case you get a flat tire. Without a tube, you’re most likely walking home or calling an Uber.

2. Tire Lever

A tire lever is a specialized metal or plastic tool used to pry your tire bead up and over the rim sidewall. This allows for the removal of the tire without causing any damage to the wheel.

3. CO2 Air Cartridge or Small Pump

Once the tube is secure in the tire and attached back to the wheel, its going to need pumped up. A CO2 cartridge with an inflator is the fastest option. The CO2 cartridge can only be used once, but really inflates the tire efficiently. Another option is to carry a small hand pump. Those are much larger to carry around and require you to manually pump the air into the tire.

4. Master Link

A master link is a single, removable section of the chain that can be used to replace the weak link if your chain breaks.

5. Multi-Tool

This is a compact, all-in-one tool that works with the bolts and attachments on your specific bike. This little tool can be extremely helpful especially when tightening any bolts that may be loose or making small adjustments mid-ride.

A mechanical is no reason to go home early. Now that you have some more knowledge, hopefully you can be your own pit crew and keep your ride going whether it’s on the road or trail.