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USA Cycling Announces 2022 Club of the Year

By: Parker Ohlmann  February 06, 2023

After reviewing over 130 nominations, the 2022 Club of the Year results are finally in!

With a record-breaking 130+ entries from current and former members, parents, coaches and spectators, the competition was stiff for the 2022 Club of the Year crown. Most people that participate in the sport of cycling have found mentorship and support through a team or club. Decorum is taught on coffee rides and traditions are passed as people from different walks of life come together to pedal. Clubs serve to develop skills on the bike as well as create community.

USA Cycling is thankful for 1,000+ member clubs across the country. Congratulations to the following 2022 Club of the Year winners:

Collegiate Club
– University of Arizona (Tucson, Ariz.)
Collegiate Varsity
– Marian University Cycling (Indianapolis, Ind.)
– STKD! Racing Squad (Chicago, Ill.)
– Team VeloSport (Irvine, Calif.)
Development Program - Edge Cycling (Breinigsville, Pa.)
- LUX Cycling (Ventura, Calif.)

A 5-person committee reviewed nominations submitted by clubs and their community members to award the 2022 Club of the Year winners. Clubs won their respective categories for demonstrating outstanding contributions to their community, along with improvements in their individual athletes, and overall club performance.

Stay tuned as we get to know these clubs!

To prime the pump, below you will find a little taste as to who these clubs are as we will get to know these clubs a little more.

University of Arizona
Not only is University of Arizona active within their school, they've made an impression in their cycling community, hosting a Cyclocross event. U of A keeps cyclocross alive in Arizona, providing not only Tucson but the whole southwest community the opportunity to race cyclocross.

Marian University
Marian University, a cornerstone varsity program in the collegiate space, is actively engaged in their local community. Marian also made strides this past year in internal club development. The team incorporated a new Leadership Panel to help represent and guide the team throughout the year. The leaders on the panel were voted on by the team. The team voted on 1 male and 1 female rider per each discipline to select 10 riders as their leaders to advocate and be examples of a true 'Marian Cyclist'.

Edge Cycling
In addition to many of their own internal accolades and achievements, this program indicated from parents and community members have helped develop athletes on and off the bike. This past year Edge Cycling collectively (athletes and parents) spent over 900 hours as a team volunteering and helping give back to their local velodrome, Valley Preferred Cycling Center. “We help improve our community by helping with the community programs that help get more kids/ adults get on bikes and not feel nervous or discouraged and help them fall in love with the sport just as much as us volunteers.” - Parent of a Member

Lux Cycling
Lux Cycling has been a development cornerstone for some of most notable Americans’ international successes. We thank you Roy Knickman and the team staff that went into building out one of the most successful development programs that have turned juniors into some of our most prominent professional cyclists.

Velosport Cycling
Velosport Cycling, the size of the team has fluctuated over the years based on the popularity of local junior racing, but the team has remained a strong and reliable source of support for those who choose to pursue junior racing.

“Something incredible happens when you give women the time and space to lead each other, and the most touching thing was seeing how even people new to the sport stepped up to support first-timers. I would have not been able to run these clinics without the support and assistance of IAICIWID Racing & Vital Performance. I’m just one team member, making an impact at one velodrome. Many of my teammates have been running their own initiatives at their own velodromes.” - Club Member

STKD! Racing Squad
“In 2022, Stkd! Racing Squad added a new racer developmental program which brought women who had no bike racing experience into the scene, provided on and off the bike mentorship and support, and guided each rider to a successful season (and who will be returning in 2023). We also continued providing bikes at no cost to core riders and loaned team bikes out to riders, racers, bike shops, and neutral support at races who couldn't afford to purchase their own equipment. It's been a wild ride, but one we wouldn't trade for anything.” - Club Officer