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USA Cycling Signs Look Cycle and Corima for Multi-Year Track Sprint Equipment Partnership

By: Brad Cole  April 05, 2022

USA Cycling chooses iconic brands for seven-year technical partnership as the federation cements its commitment to success on the track.

USA Cycling riders from left to right: Josh Hartman, Dalton Walters and Kayla Hankins.

LOOK and CORIMA are pleased to announce a multi-year technical partnership with USA Cycling and its USA Track Sprint Program, as the American Federation puts renewed focus into the historically successful program. Through this new partnership, USA Cycling will leverage the storied French brand’s decades of experience at the highest level of track racing.

“Partnering with USA Cycling is an important milestone for LOOK and CORIMA,” says Federico Musi, CEO, LOOK Cycle Group. “We are excited to support the USA Cycling Development program to nurture future young talent and bring the passion of cycling to a larger audience. Our technical experience in carbon manufacturing and aerodynamics will help the U.S. team chase medals at our home Olympic Games in Paris and on to their home Olympics in Los Angeles.”

The new collaboration represents a turning point for the American Federation and an additional prestigious milestone for LOOK and CORIMA, as they collectively prepare to take on the world in the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris, France with the partnership extending through the Olympics in Los Angeles, California. The program intends to cover a full slate of international and domestic racing, including the UCI Nations Cups and the UCI World Championships, as a foundation for their Olympic objectives.

“Investing in our track sprint program is one of our leading priorities at USA Cycling”, notes Brendan Quirk, CEO, USA Cycling. “We have a history of international success in the discipline and we're excited to bring it back in full force over the coming years. Our first step in our heightened commitment to sprint was bringing Erin Hartwell on board to coach our athletes and manage the program. The next critical step was finding an equipment sponsor who could give our riders every advantage possible.”

“With LOOK and CORIMA, we know we have cutting edge bikes, wheels and pedals that give our riders the decisive advantage they need when putting out the incredible watts you see in sprint. We're elated about this partnership and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Together, LOOK and CORIMA bring an unrivalled wealth of experience to the partnership and will serve as the technological cornerstone of the USA Cycling Track Sprint team. Having spent more than two decades at the forefront of frameset and wheel design, their history and reputation have long been attached to track cycling. Athletes supported by LOOK and CORIMA have earned 18 Olympic titles and 49 total medals from Atlanta 1996 through to Tokyo 2021.

American sprint cyclists will pilot the flagship LOOK T20 sprint chassis equipped with Corima Monobloc 4 and 5 spoke front wheels, Disc C+ race wheels, and LOOK’s unique KEO Blade Track pedals. The squad will also ride the LOOK 895 Vitesse, 875 Madison and AL464 framesets and Corima WS-1 wheels for development programming and training.

“For years, I’ve looked on with genuine adoration at the national teams and international athletes that have had the privilege to ride LOOK bikes and CORIMA wheels at the highest level of competition” Erin (Erv) Hartwell, National Sprint Director, USA Cycling says. “If ever allowed to handpick a bike to outfit a national program to compete against the world’s best, LOOK and CORIMA would be my first choice every single time.”

“It’s impossible to succeed in this sport without world-class equipment underneath our athletes. The support of LOOK and CORIMA gives me the confidence that our program now has the professional tools required to build a team to go head-to-head with the world elite in track cycling.”

Photo: Dominique Powers (@dominiquepowers) | Video: Andrew Jackson (@35mm.la / @andrewjackson_)

Inventor of the clipless pedal in 1986, the first carbon frame and the first track carbon monobloc frame in 1985, LOOK is a worldwide leader in cycling innovation and craftsmanship, with unequalled in-house experience in carbon design. An independent, historic and iconic French company, LOOK’s head office in Nevers, Burgundy is the cultural home of the brand and where all product design and development takes place. LOOK’s pedals, electric bikes, and T20 track bikes are produced in France.

Alongside elegance and craftsmanship, LOOK’s heritage continues to be defined by performance. On the road, more than 600 Grand Tour stages, 50 Jerseys, and 25 overall victories have been won by riders using LOOK pedals; while more than 100 Grand Tour stages have been won by riders using LOOK frames. A partner to the French Cycling Federation since 1988, LOOK operates both Team LOOK Criterium and Team LOOK Gravel, who face the most challenging fixie and gravel races around the world.

In mountain biking, cyclo-cross and cross country LOOK supports a number of riders and teams, while LOOK bikes and pedals are also ridden by globally-recognised and champion triathletes. In the velodrome: 17 Olympic titles and more than 60 Olympic medals; 3 Paralympic titles and 8 Paralympic medals; 3 world records, more than 90 UCI World Champion titles, and more than 230 UCI World Champion medals have been secured by LOOK riders.

For more information about LOOK, visit www.lookcycle.com

CORIMA was founded in 1973 by Pierre Jean Martin and Jean-Marie Riffard, and is based in Loriol sur Drôme, France.

Originally experts in the making of moulds and models for the foundry, automobile and aeronautics sectors, in 1988 CORIMA diversified into the production of carbon composite parts and launched its first product for the cycling sector: the track disc wheel. It quickly developed a full range of hand-built carbon wheelsets for road and track cycling, as well as state of the art time trial frames, from its R&D and production site in Loriol.

In the past 32 years, CORIMA has earned its place at the top of professional cycling, with overall success in all three Grand Tours as well as at the Olympic Games. Trust and product reliability are the values which have enabled these long-term partnerships to flourish.

CORIMA is also a sponsor of the French National Federation, building towards the next Olympic Games.