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Team USA

Women's MTB Olympic Long Team Supporting One Another For Olympic Games

By: Angelina Palermo  March 15, 2021

#TeamUSSlay is the epitome of motivation, dedication, and teamwork.

Let's talk about the Women's Mountain Bike Olympic Long Team! These six ladies came together these past few weeks for some strong training blocks before their season began. Hannah Finchamp, Lea Davison, Chloe Woodruff, and Erin Huck created their own #TeamUSSlay Camp in Tucson, while Kate Courtney and Haley Batten chased some miles on the California coast. There's no better group to uplift each other, push one another, and laugh a whole lot along the way.

What's so incredible about this team is that all these women have been racing against each other for years, but have become life long friends through the process. The US can only send a maximum of 3 women to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and Kate already qualified for one of those spots. That leaves only 2 spots that 5 of these women are chasing after.

Chloe said it best, "Three of us will likely go, and three of us won't. And if it's not me I still plan on claiming a part of the process. 😊"

You can read more about their journey from Erin's perspective here: