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American Criterium Cup Event Number Eight: Littleton Twilight Criterium

By: Peter Discoe  August 06, 2022

On Saturday, August 6th, Littleton Twilight Criterium returns to Littleton, Colorado. With some huge rides in Lake Bluff, we saw leads extend while others jumped onto the ACC podium. The top pro women's and men's cycling teams in the nation again toe the line to see who's the best and who takes the lead in the American Criterium Cup series.

The live stream starts at 7:30 pm MT on OutsideTV.com.

• Professional Women's racing coverage at 7:45 pm MT

• Professional Men's racing coverage at 9:00 pm MT

Seven races down, and the racing as close as it is, every point will count during the last three races for the women. Andrea Cyr of ButcherBox Racing has a good chance at taking over the Sprinter's Green Jersey this race and inching closer to the lead. Colavita-Factor has a one-point deficit on the Team Competition and will be eyeing that prize: look for high sprint placings and overall finishes from these ladies.

The men's top step is under less pressure, and Brandon Feehery of Project Echelon Racing all but packed away the Red Leader's Jersey after Lake Bluff. Extending his lead, he'll be tough to catch as he has all the remaining races on his calendar. But right behind is Clever Martinez of the Miami Blazers. Clever jumped to third in the series standings, and with Alfredo Rodriquez of Best Buddies still out with injury, second place is his to lose.

With a strong chance of rain in the forecast, the Littleton Twilight Criterium will be another race where anything can happen, proving a few good corners and a lucky move can upset everything.

Follow along with the excitement on our live stream, only on OutsideTV.

Full standings at our website.

Men's P/1

1. FEEHERY,Brandon:ProjectEchelonRacing 465

2. RODRIGUEZ,Alfredo:BestBuddiesRacing 296

3. MARTINEZ, Clever: Blazers: 270


5. LAMPERTI, Luke * TRINITY Racing: 183

Men's P/1 sprint

1. FEEHERY,Brandon:ProjectEchelonRacing 135

2. HERNANDEZ,Michael:BestBuddiesRacing 55


4. TRAVIESO,Frank:Blazers 45

5. CRAINE,Ethan:ProjectEchelonRacing 30

Women's P/1/2

1. COLES-LYSTER,Maggie:DNAProCyclingTeam 611

2. CYR, Andrea: ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK 469

3. CHRISTIAN, Anna *: Colavita Factor Pro Cycling 298

4. GOKEY-SMITH,Christina:ColavitaFactorProCycling 266

5. MUNOZ,Paola:CWARacingp/bGoldmanSachsETFs 264

Women's P/1/2 sprint

1. COLES-LYSTER,Maggie:DNAProCyclingTeam 160

2. CYR,Andrea:ButcherBoxCyclingp/bLOOK 115

3. VALADEZ,Mariana:LASweat 55

4. MORESHEAD,Danielle:LASweat 45

5. GOKEY-SMITH, Christina: Colavita Factor Pro Cycling 45

The American Criterium Cup is a ten race criterium series that elevates the stature of criterium racing in the United States. The series is led by a group of independent criterium race organizers collaborating with and supported by USA Cycling, with input from professional and domestic teams and athletes. Each event has pledged to execute each event with standards of excellence, high production quality, and safety. Organizers of the series have placed $100,000 in escrow with USA Cycling for a series purse to be split equally among men and women.

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