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Foundation Talks: David Domonoske

By: Tom Mahoney  April 27, 2023

After a whirlwind couple of months circumnavigating the globe, USA Cycling talked with David Domonoske, a member of the Men's Team Pursuit program.

With the UCI Track Cycling Nations' Cup season now complete, we had the chance to catch up with Utah native David Domonoske. Domonoske joined the Men's Team Pursuit program in 2022 under the guidance of Men's Endurance Coach Rob Stanley and has had his eyes on qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

USA Cycling: It’s been a whirlwind 18-months with the Men’s Team Pursuit program. Can you tell us 2-3 of your highlights in that time with the program?

David Domonoske:

  1. The Portugal Camp before worlds was excellent training and team bonding. We had all 4 track programs— men’s and women’s sprint and men's and women’s endurance— and we were able to spend time together on and off the bike.

  2. The World Championships in Paris was a new experience for the entire Men’s Team Pursuit team. The media, security, and crowds made the event unforgettable.

  3. We spent ten days training in Mallorca, Spain, between the Jakarta and Cairo Nations Cups this season. We were exhausted from travel, but the food, family hotel, and road riding allowed everyone to reset mentally and physically before the next race.

USAC: You were a ski racer, specifically Slalom, in high school and then at Dartmouth College, correct? People don’t usually assume you would transition from that into track cycling. How did you make that transition?

DD: Yes, I ski raced my whole life and in college. My goal for my senior spring term was to break one of Dartmouth’s lifting records. However, COVID-19 stopped the term entirely, and I ended up riding my mountain bike every day because I couldn’t go to the gym. At the end of the spring, it was suggested that I could be good at track cycling because I had so much power from skiing. I did some power tests and hit 133% of the number they were looking for, and things started rolling from there.

USAC: How did you hear about Wyatt Weisel High-Performance Grant? How has that helped you in the last 24 months?

DD: After a successful camp last June, I was invited to subsequent camps and the possibility to race at Pan-American Championships, but I couldn’t do them because I had to work. I learned about the Wyatt Weisel High-Performance Grant while figuring out how to continue doing Team Pursuit. Thanks to the Grant, I was able to take time off work and attend the camp. Since then, I have been able to race Pan-American Championships, World Championships, and work towards Olympic qualifying this year.

USAC: Looking toward the future, what are your current goals for the next two years? How about the next five?

DD: Our primary goal for the next two years is to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. A large benchmark that we want to hit this year is 3:55.00 or better. Personally, I’m also interested in racing national-level criteriums and getting a top 10 result. Our goal for the next five years is to continue to create an established training environment where we can build experience and knowledge. This will allow us to develop from qualifying for the 2024 Olympics to be in medal contention for the 2028 Olympics in LA.

USAC: Can you tell us about the most impactful thing you’ve done or seen while on two wheels?

DD: The most impactful thing I’ve seen on two wheels recently is the Utah High School Cycling League. I raced in the league the year it started in 2012 with a few hundred racers, and it’s now grown to almost 10,000 athletes. The league has gotten so many kids into biking and racing and is developing the sport in the best way.

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